Despite the high population density, the UK offers some of the most beautiful sights and landscapes in Europe – when it’s not raining of course. The same is true even in inner city areas, with many palatial estates and private grounds helping to deliver a contrast between the built-up developments and calmer greener grounds. What is even more shocking is that these grounds are always in fantastic condition, with perfectly mowed grass, elegantly trimmed hedges and no litter in sight. But how is this possible?

The simple answer is that they contract a ground maintenance team to keep it in tip-top shape throughout the year.


What Does Ground Maintenance Involve?

Depending on the experience of your ground maintenance team, there will be certain tasks they are allowed to do, and others that require more formal training.

The aim of a basic maintenance team is, in the simplest terms, to improve the health and aesthetics of a designated area, no matter the season. This includes, but is not limited to the following tasks:

  • Lawn maintenance includes correcting any issues with edging, fertilising the lawn and using the correct equipment for grass cutting to provide the desired finish.
  • The landscaping of flower beds including composting, planting, trimming and arrangement.
  • Taking care of hedge trimming to create a uniformed aesthetic.
  • Keeping the grounds free from dead leaves, litter and ensuring that it is safe to navigate.

Of course, there are often more elements that need to be tended to, but these can only be carried out by a qualified tree surgeons such as Elm House Tree Services:

  • The care of resident trees including the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that could harm them.
  • The removal of branches, known as tree pruning to maintain a tree’s health.
  • A full tree removal if it is posing a danger to the public, including the stump grinding
  • The use of pesticides to remove unwanted vegetation.

Furthermore, a great team will also be able to take care of other aspects of maintaining your grounds by possessing the necessary equipment to provide sports pitch maintenance and line marking. Keeping a sports pitch or field in good health is especially important for educational institutions, as poorly maintained fields can easily lead to falls, slips and injuries during play.


What Is The Benefit Of Ground Maintenance?

Unquestionably the most important aspect of ground maintenance is to ensure that all areas are safe for those who frequent the area on a daily basis. However, as we live in a society where first impressions are everything – no matter which industry you work within – it is important that you make your grounds look as attractive as possible to all visitors, and this is especially true for locations that are visitor destinations such as stately homes or walled gardens on a historic estates.

There are number of benefits for private landowners when it comes to contracting a grounds maintenance company – the greatest of which is the increase in value of the land as a whole due to the obvious care and attention granted.

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