Top Benefits Of Commercial Ground Maintenance

Written by Andrew Hampson

While it is considered quite a niche industry, commercial ground maintenance is vitally important for any business that hopes to impress anyone that visits. While some businesses will choose to employ a grounds-person themselves, the cost of machinery and tools can often be extremely expensive. This is why more and more companies are choosing to use external ground maintenance companies who can arrive with all the necessary machinery they need and perform the tasks to the standard expected.

But what are the benefits of commercial ground maintenance?

Perception Of A Company

When you think of organised, important companies, you often expect that they would be based in a clean, well-built building standing in well-maintained grounds. If you were to learn, upon your arrival, that the company invests very little in keeping their grounds in good order, you may begin to wonder how lax they are about other aspects of their work.

In truth, your impression of a company is likely to be the same whether you are a customer entering for business, a prospective employee heading for an interview or an important business contact arriving for a meeting. A company who invests in high-quality commercial ground maintenance is much more likely to make a good first impression on anyone.

Property Value 

On the subject of first impressions, if you were to consider selling the business and hired a commercial surveyor to come in for a valuation, if your grounds have been kept in excellent shape then it is likely that business will be valued higher than if the grounds had been left unkempt.

Constant Care

There are many types of plants that can be used in the grounds of an establishment, and many of these will need different types of care all year round. The same can be said for any trees or hedges that you may have on-site.


A ground maintenance company who are worth their salt will always being able to identify hazards that could cause injury for those who frequent, or work at the establishment. By keeping slippery patches of mud to a minimum and making sure that any trees in the grounds are healthy, the risk of injury and legal consequences are reduced massively.

Save Money

By asking a commercial grounds maintenance team to strategically place shrubbery in your grounds, you can save money on heating. For example, deciduous trees are a great choice for placing near offices as when they lose their leaves in the winter, they allow more sunlight into the building, heating it up.

Mental Health 

Many tests have been carried out over the years in regard to the benefit of green spaces to the health of workers and students, and almost every peer-reviewed study has shown that people are more productive and generally happier if the grounds where they work or study are aesthetically beautiful.

Flexible Services

Most grounds maintenance companies have numerous machines for performing different tasks, and these can be used whenever necessary. This means that if a company is contracted to keep the grounds of any school or university looking tidy, they can also provide other similar services such as line painting on sports fields and also keep the sports field themselves in perfect working order throughout the school year.

They Will Be Privately Insured

While all commercial ground maintenance companies are extremely focused on health and safety at all times when working on location, it is re-assuring to know, as a client, that you have hired someone who will be insured in case there are any injuries or issues.

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