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Tree surveys are generally needed for one of two reasons: 

Assessment of tree safety – to assess hazards within a tree and identify the risks in order to carry out relevant works to mitigate that risk. Hazards within a tree doesn’t necessarily mean that a tree requires removal.  Often remedial work such as dead wooding or reducing weight in extended limbs and annual monitoring are enough to mitigate any immediate dangers. 

Trees in construction –  BS5837 surveys are in relation to trees in a demolition, constructions or design environment where the impact of this bares relevance to the surrounding trees or likewise how the trees impact the proposed build. This can be anything from single house build to large scale housing developments.

Elmhouse tree services and its partners are able to formulate professional and comprehensive tree surveys to meet Pre-Planning Tree Condition BS:5837:2012. This is achieved through years of practical experience as climbing arborists and academic knowledge.

Safety & Risk Management Surveys

If you are land owner or a land manager (school grounds, business premises, shopping centre car parks, private gardens etc) then you have a duty of care to anyone who visits the land (this includes trespassers).

Trees on such land have the potential to cause harm or damage to people or property and could also pose a risk to adjacent land, roads, public footpaths etc. Steps should be taken by the owner/manager to identify of any trees that may cause potential damage to property or that could cause injury and undertake any work that is required to minimize/eliminate the risk of this happening.  Our survey will help you towards fulfilling your duty of care as required by English law with regards to your trees. 


Pre Planning Tree Condition Surveys

When assessing a planning application for building works, be it a small house extension or a lager proposed construction site, the Local Planning Authority is required to assess the possible impacts on any trees on and around the site. This assessment is undertaken with help of a pre-planning tree condition survey.

This consists of a map with accurately and uniquely marked trees coupled with a survey schedule that relates to the map. The trees are categorised to give a clear picture of work that may or may not be needed. The details required in this survey are dictated by BS 5837:2012.

Individual Tree Reports

Is my tree safe now that it has shed a limb? Why are the leaves smaller than in previous years?  What is the fungus on the stem, roots or branches? Although no tree can be identified as entirely safe as a large storm can uproot the heathiest of trees, through visual inspection, defects or problems will be visible to a trained surveyor allowing you to identify the hazards associated with that defect and what is the best way to deal with it.

Individual Tree Reports or Safety and Risk Management Tree Surveys – from £240 Plus vat


Pre-Planning Condition Tree Surveys - from £280 Plus vat

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