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Ash Dieback Manchester

What Is Ash Dieback?

Ash dieback is a disease of ash trees which kills trees and threatens species which rely on ash. Ash dieback disease is caused by the Asian fungus Hymenoscyphus fraxineus which causes leaf loss. Europe’s ash species has evolved differently with fungus compared to Asia and therefore cannot defend itself against it.

What Happens To A Tree With Ash Dieback?

The fungus of ash dieback disease is found on ash leaf stalks and produces fruiting bodies which is released into the atmosphere, travelling tens of miles in the wind and eventually landing on leaves, penetrating it so that fungus grows inside the tree.

Ash Dieback Symptoms



Blackening and wilting of leaves in mid-late summer


Changing Colour

In autumn months it can be easy to mistake the change of colour in the leaves for symptoms of ash dieback


Targets Young Trees

Can affect trees of any age but more likely in younger trees



Brown-grey colour of bark underneath the lesions


On Twigs, Branches Or Trunk

Sometimes the infection can spread into the twigs, branches and the trunk. Lesions are found on the bark, shaped like a diamond between branches, or where branches meet the trunk


Cuts Off Fluid

These lesions are problematic because they cut off the supply of fluid and nutrients provided by the roots to the tree

What To Do If Your Tree Has Ash Dieback?

There is currently no cure for ash dieback. Trees are unlikely to recover if more than half of its canopy is affected by ash dieback and will be unable to fight back against other diseases.

The focus is to slow the spread of ash dieback, we may decide to slow the growth or if the damage is extensive we may choose to remove the tree.

We Are Trusted & Experienced In Ash Die Back

Our team have completed a course on how to deal with this relatively new problem. This means that we have professional knowledge of how to deal with ash dieback and you can be rest assured that we can assist you with your issue.

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100% Qualified

Our entire team is City & Guilds NPTC qualified.


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