The Best Parks in Manchester

Written by Andrew Hampson

As tree surgeons we appreciate mother nature and all that she has to offer. Parks are often taken for granted and overlooked but they are an essential part of any city. They provide a well needed escape from the urban jungle where people can relax and enjoy nature. Manchester can be a hectic city and sometimes you need that relaxation. So, in no particular order, here are some of the best parks in Manchester.

Heaton Park

Heaton Park is the home of Heaton Hall, built by Sir Thomas Egerton in 1772. The Manchester Corporation bought Heaton Park from the Egerton family in 1902 and added many facilities that saw it become a popular public park.
Today the park is just as beautiful as when the Hall was built. Wide open spaces and quiet spots make Heaton Park perfect for that relaxing day out. The park even has a small zoo containing chickens, goats, peacocks, alpacas and sheep. This combined with the great play areas make it an amazing day out for the kids as well as the adults.
The park always has some sort of events in the calendar too, such as fun fairs or fitness classes. This Manchester park has loads to offer so don’t miss it!

Prestwich Forest Park

Prestwich Forest Park is 200 hectares of quiet woodland. It contains Phillips Park Local Nature Reserve, Mere Clough, Prestwich Clough, Waterdale Meadow and Drinkwater Park.

The park has football pitches, places to go fishing and children’s play areas so there is always something to do there. The 200 hectares of open space is great for walks and discovering wildlife, making this park ideal for relaxing nature walks.

If you’ve been looking for a good park in Manchester then look no further than Prestwich Forest Park.

Fletcher Moss Park

Fletcher Moss Park was donated to the people of Manchester by philanthropist Fletcher Moss in 1919.

The park, which is located in Didsbury, has botanical gardens, natural wildlife and recreational facilities such as football and rugby pitches, a tennis court and a cafe. You will love the gardens at Fletcher Moss Park; they are colourful and quiet, the perfect place to relax in peace. As tree surgeons, we can really appreciate the work done in these places.

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