How Much Does It Cost To Remove a Tree?

Written by Andrew Hampson

Unfortunately there is no hard and fast and answer to how much it costs to remove a tree however it is the question on most peoples mind when they have a troublesome tree to deal with.

How much it is to remove a tree in monetary terms can be heavily dependent on a number of factors but generally starts around the region of £145+VAT and increases with the size and complexity of the job. Here are common considerations when quoting for a full tree removal:

How Tall The Tree Is

The taller the tree, the more difficult the job will be due to getting a tree surgeon and equipment up there to do the business. Extra care would be needed due to tree pieces having further to fall that without due care and attention could cause damage to the land and property surrounding the tree.

Tree Overhang

If we have to protect nearby buildings due to the tree overhanging them, we will have to take more consideration and time to ensure nothing is damaged.

Tree Accessibility

Some trees are not straight forward and we may need to remove fence panels to get to the tree. Additionally if we have to lift the tree pieces back to the vans this also adds further work into the mix.

Public Consideration

If the tree is near a path or road we may need to get permission to close off sections of path or road. The bigger the road, the more expensive it gets.

Tree Disposal

Trees are very heavy, we can dispose of them for you however this will be factored into the price as it means physically moving the tree into the vans in order to be disposed of.


Are you wondering about tree surgeon in Manchester prices?


Here are a few examples of past projects and their related costs:


Conifer removal in Manchester

This job had relatively good access with plenty of space to drop the branches and timber. We were able to park the van very close to the tree (just out of camera shot). There was a fence in the way which did add some extra time.



PRICE: £160 Plus VAT (Nov 2015)


Removal of dangerous tree over road

This tree had become unsafe after a storm. The root plate had shifted and the tree was resting on a wall. The job was complicated by a road passing directly under the tree.



PRICE: £800 Plus VAT


Ash tree removal

This Ash tree was not very large; however, it was in a very small garden so there was very little room to drop the branches and timber. The crown of the tree extended over a garage roof, two fences and the roof of the owners house. The owner had no way of accessing the rear garden from the front of the house. All the material had to be dragged through two gardens to reach the van and chipper.


PRICE: £650 Plus VAT

It is therefore worth paying for a fully qualified tree surgeon with experience to ensure that your job is completed professionally and safely.  We hope this post has helped to give you a rough idea in cost of how much it is to remove a tree.


Need A Tree Surgeon in Manchester?

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