How Trees Can Increase The Value Of Your Home

Written by Andrew Hampson

While we are extremely lucky to have trees in our gardens for the aesthetic appeal. Many people are unaware that certain trees can add a certain amount of value to the property in whose grounds it resides.

If you are selling a home with multiple beautiful trees, then it may be worth contacting a tree surgeon to have it valued before setting the asking price.


Certain species of trees are worth a lot of money simply because they are rare, or are in the grounds of a property that is located far from where one would normally expect to find that particular specie of tree. If you feel that a tree in your grounds is rare, it can be helpful to contact a tree surgeon who will be able to value it for you.


As you may be aware, some tree owners take great pride in their appearance and may even have professionals visit regularly to prune it and check its health. If the way the tree has been pruned or sculpted in an attractive manner, it increases the beauty of the entire garden and will add value to the home.

Curb Appeal

Many homes have both a front and back garden, and if the owners are lucky enough to have a beautiful tree located in front of the home where passers-by can see it, the curb appeal of the entire property will be increased.


Trees that provide privacy for the owner – without blocking light to their windows – are especially valuable, especially in built-up areas where having space to yourself is rare. This can create a space that feels a world away from city life and will undoubtedly increase the value of your home.

Of course, while trees are known for adding value, it is important to remember that they can also detract from the desirability of the home if they are found to have one of the following issues:

Lack of Maintenance

Many tree owners are happy to let a tree grow how it wishes. However, the result is not always desirable from an aesthetic point of view. If you are considering selling your home, it may be a good idea to get a tree surgeon in to trim and prune it before you allow viewings.

The Trees Need Insurance

If you have a tree that could be considered a hazard due to branches overhanging public areas, or due to its proximity to the building, then it may require insurance. Any buyers who learn this may be deterred from making an offer.


If your or your neighbours’ garden is unkempt due to overgrowth, this again may deter buyers as it will be seen as ‘another job to do’ once they move in. Moreover, if your garden is overstocked with trees, this can make the garden seem uninviting and undersized. In these situations, unnecessary trees should be removed before it is placed on the market.

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