When removing or trimming a hedge there are many factors that can affect the price, and as a result, there is no average price for cutting hedges. As experts, these considerations come as second nature to us but at Elm House we appreciate that these factors are not always obvious. So to give you a helping hand and a rough idea of cost if you are wondering how much it is to cut a hedge, we have listed a few factors below.


When determining the hedge trimming cost, location is a very important consideration because sometimes there can be obstructions that make the job more difficult. Typical examples of this is a pond or a greenhouse.  If there are small access points or very tight corners this tends to make jobs longer as it will take more time to get equipment in and out.  If the hedge is on a sloped piece of ground it can make it either easier to drag the hedge out, or harder if we are dragging it up a slope so this will have an impact on the price. Equally if you have a large garden and the hedge is at the end of it, the debris has further to travel to our trucks which takes longer and we therefore have to take this into consideration.  If there are rocks sometimes these will have to be removed first to prevent damage to our equipment.


The size of the hedge is also an important factor when deciding upon the hedge trimming cost determining how much it is to cut a hedge for obvious reasons. The more material that we have to deal with the longer it will take to remove as this may require many trips with the van.


If you are having the stumps removed, the species and size will affect the hedge trimming cost.  Some species have roots that are a lot softer than others, the softer the stump the easier it will be to remove for example, Leylandii is a lot softer than Beech.  If the stump is large it will cost more than a small stump due to it taking more time and effort.  

How Much We Charge On Average

As mentioned previously, there is no average price for cutting hedges, and so each hedge will have to be quoted individually, however, the hedge trimming cost is generally £90+VAT per hour for our team if we are hedge trimming and undertaking general ground works.  If we have to use climbing equipment like a rope and harness to deal with your hedge, then it will cost in the region of £120+VAT per hour.  

It is best to get a professional to help you with hedge trimming or removal as it can be a very long and difficult process without the correct tools and knowledge of the species you are dealing with. 

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