How Trees Can Increase The Value Of Your Home

While we are extremely lucky to have trees in our gardens for the aesthetic appeal. Many people are unaware that certain trees can add a certain amount of value to the property in whose grounds it resides. If you are selling a home with multiple beautiful trees, then...

How to recognise an unsafe tree

While trees remain a beautiful part of the natural world, it’s easy to forget that some trees can grow to weight as much as 6,000 tons when they reach full majority. While trees this large do not grow in the UK, even a small hardwood tree can weigh as much as 10 tons...

Finding a Tree Surgeon – 6 Questions to Ask

Finding a tree surgeon in Manchester can be extremely difficult if you don’t know what to look out for. Depending on the job at hand, there are also many aspects to felling a tree and sometimes this is something one can only be aware of after doing some research or...

What Flowers & Vegetables To Plant In June

What to plant in June Despite the British weather doing its best to remind us that summer doesn’t always necessarily mean sunshine, the long days and consistent rainfall certainly provide the perfect conditions to give freshly sowed seeds the greatest chance of...

Which flowers & vegetables to plant in May

With the worst of the weather behind us, avid gardeners up and down the country can look forward to adding some variation to their plot for the summer by introducing a number of new plants. Whether you aim to introduce a little colour to your cosy corner of the world...

What Flowers To Plant In March

March is the month where the trees and flowers start to awaken after the long winter slumber.  As flowers, plants and trees awaken so do the weeds so remove them before they begin to take over. Below is a guide as to what flowers are best planted in March. Flowers To...

Best Garden Centres in Manchester 2017

As the weather begins to change and the sun starts to make more of an appearance, many people start to look into the garden once more to enjoy the sunshine.  Trimming hedges, trees and planting new life is often the list and these jobs normally require a visit to the...

How Much It Costs To Remove Or Trim A Hedge

If you're wondering how much it is to cut a hedge, it's important to remoember that there are many factors that can affect the price, and as a result, there is no average price for cutting hedges. As experts, these considerations come as second nature to us but at Elm...

How Much Does Tree Stump Removal Cost?

Have you ever wondered how much it is to remove a tree stump? Like people, trees are living, breathing organisms. Moreover, like people there’s usually a lot more going on under the surface that we can’t see – and that’s why it’s important to deal with tree stump...

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